What is imglnx?

imglnx (pronounced as image lynx or image links - you decide) is a free image hosting service.

What size and type of images can I upload?

Currently we support .jpeg/.jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .ico, .svg, and .gif at a maximum file size of 40MB.

Do you touch the images I upload?

nope.avi - All jokes aside, we just remove exif data.

Do you delete images after x time?

Yes and no. You can login to your account and delete images, but as of right now you can't set an expiry on images. In other words, we store the images forever unless you delete them yourself or if they violate our ToS.

Are you going to raise the file size from 40MB?

Honestly, 40MB is quite large for image hosting. It's possible that we'll raise it in the future, but it won't be anytime soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Why did we change the size from 100MB to 40MB? Well, it's because we're not on a dedi anymore so we have limited space.

Can I manage my images that I upload?

Of course you can. Just login and you can manage them if they were uploaded while signed into your account.


Can I use a VPN/Proxy/Tor?

Yes, we recommend that you do. Make sure to choose a VPN that's listed on TorrentFreak or TheBestVPN, for the most trustworthy VPN providers.

What information do you store?

Please check our Legal page for more information.

Why do you remove exif data and what is exif data?

Exif data is data that's in images or media that can identify you, the user. Such as GPS coordinates, time of creation, or what camera you took said photo with. We remove this data to help protect your identity.


Is imglnx open source or will it be?

Short answer: no. Long answer: Since we're currently on 2.x version we're not going to open source it. If we end up making it to 3.x then we'll open source the 2.x version.

Can I make app X using your API?

YES! We made the API for other developers to be able to use our service elsewhere.

My images take forever to upload?!?!?

Hmmmm. Perhaps it's your internets? Then again it could be our server(s). Go run a speedtest and if you're getting the usual speeds (what you pay for etc) then contact us and we'll look into it.

Can I embed images on x site?

Forsure, do what you want.

Do you take donations?

Yes, but we won't ask for any unless we really need help paying for stuff. See Donate to get more information on donating.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.