API Documentation
Send a POST request to https://(www.)imglnx.com/api/v1.1/upload/. The available args are listed below.

  • images = Selected image - The image you want to upload
  • auth_token = Your unique API key - if NULL or doesn't exist then the image will be uploaded as Anonymous Upload
For people that don't know how to set this up manually, import this into your ShareX app. Make sure you replace MY_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE with your auth_token, else the image will be upload anonymously.
  "Name": "imglnx",
  "DestinationType": "ImageUploader",
  "RequestType": "POST",
  "RequestURL": "https://imglnx.com/api/v1.1/upload/",
  "FileFormName": "images",
  "Arguments": {
    "auth_token": "MY_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE"
  "ResponseType": "Text",
  "URL": "$json:image$"